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About Us

In 1956 former Navy Vet and FSU Football player Mike Norman opened Mikes Beer Barn. Little did he know that his little store would become a staple of Tallahassee, helping students get through the Football season, celebrating wins from the rooftop, and becoming so much more to this little town. Located across from Florida State University, Mike's Beer Barn stocks all your party essentials.

Mike's Beer Barn has something for everyone whether it is the liquors and mixers for your favorite adult beverages, champagne for that special occasion, wines from around the world or ice cold beer for any occasion. From becoming the first 24 liquor store in 1961 to its revamp in 2006 Mikes Liquor and Beer Barn has proudly been serving Tallahassee, its Seminoles and everyone else for over 50 years and will continue to for many more years to come.