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If there is one thing we know here at Mike's Beer Barn, it's Beer; it's kind of our thing. We have over 200 different kinds of beer including foreign and domestics all at competitive pricing. You name it we have it, or, if you can name it and we don't have it we will special order it for you. From kegs to singles, bottles or cans, we have it all. You know it not a real keg party if you don't see one of our blue keg tubs. We stand behind every keg that goes out of our store and offer a money back guarantee. Plus where else can you drive through and get the keg and party essentials personally loaded into your car?

If you need a keg, we offer tub and tap rentals as well as 50 pound bags of ice. Call ahead and we can have your keg(s) waiting for you. FREE BAG OF ICE WITH EACH KEG PURCHASE!

If you are looking for something in particular, and we don't store it, let us know and we can order any other keg that's not listed with 24 hours notice

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