What's It All About,  When You Sort It Out ?

Is it just for the moment we live?  Certainly not.

No less than the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs, the artifacts of popular culture are worthy of examination.  Scholarly studies have been attempted to explain and put in perspective such phenomenal figures and events as Elvis Presley, the Wizard of Oz, baseball, the Beatles, Good Old Charlie Brown, Star Trek, and the macarena, among many others.

The primary purpose of the Popular Culture Excavation Site is not to rehash "I Love Lucy" episodes, to divine the spiritual implications of the "Star Wars" trilogy, or even to critique the camera angles in "Citizen Kane."  Rather it is to call attention to unique, obscure, or extraordinary persons or areas of popular interest which are otherwise virtually absent from the World Wide Web.  In other words, to offer something you are not likely to find anywhere else.

I should warn you that "Vot Der Dumboozle?" is a largely personal site, not necessarily of interest to a general audience.  Each area featured and described on the main page is a link to a relatively lengthy and highly illustrated treatment.  If the subject is of interest to you, . . . well, you have just found the most complete site of its kind on the entire Internet.  If not, you may find yourself scratching your head in bewilderment.

I invite you to explore the baker's dozen of topics which are summarized on the main menu of the Popular Culture Excavation Site.  Perhaps together we can expand the world of those who find pleasure in some of life's least significant, yet curiously satisfying, endeavors.

"Vot Der Dumboozle?" springs from the private sea and is maintained by Jim Lowe, laboring away somewhere in the backwoods of north Florida.  More about him (too much more, really) may be found in his personal file.

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