The Bogie Connection: Sorting It Out

It is clear that my 10GG had three sons: Louw (born 1598 - 1605), Gijsbert (born circa 1604), and Cornelius (born circa 1609), yet there is a great deal of confusion who was who and when they were who.   It is complicated in several ways:

  • Some sources confuse the descent of "Gijsbert" and "Cornelius" due, in part, to the fact that Gijsbert had the middle name "Corneliszn."  Certain conflicting sources claim each of these brothers as the one who married Aertjien Bastiaens.

  • Cornelius died young (circa 1645) and both his father (my 10GG) and, in turn, his brother (My 9GG) became guardians of his minor children.

  • The wife of Cornelius appears to have been a woman named Beeltje (Cornelise?), but more than one source reports a "Cornelius Theuniszn Bogaert," born about 1570 in Schoonrewoerd, Holland, whose wife was also a woman named Beeltje Cornelise and his death a being circa 1646.  Such a person could not very well have been a son of my 10GG, as he (Theunis Gijsbertszn in den Boogaertman) would have been only about 8 years old at the time of his birth.  If there was a Cornelius born about 1570, he would more likely have been a (otherwise unreported) second son of 11GG Gijsbert in den Boogaertman.

  • Some sources report that "Cornelius Theuniszn Bogaert," who was "born about 1592," was the son of 10GG Theunis Gijsbertszn in den Boogaertman and his second wife Maeyeken Meertens.  Most sources, however, report that my 10GG did not marry Miss Meertens until about 1646, no more than a year before his death.

  • Finally, there are sources that seemingly have the whole thing screwed up rather royally in a manner beyond recounting or explanation.

The reported dates of birth from this period, as well as the spelling (and even the arrangement) of names vary considerably, depending on the source.  However, after sorting out the dates and places as best I can, I am satisfied that the line of descent set forth on the Here's Looking At Me? page is sufficiently accurate to establish a direct connection between myself and Bogie.

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