Here's Looking At Me?

Since there is a "Bogaert" in my ancestry, the question naturally arises: "Could it be that I am somehow related to the actor Humphrey Bogart?"  Well, it would appear that the relationship is a bit more than "somehow."  It seems that my Nine Greats Grandfather and Bogie's Eight Greats Grandfather were brothers.  Consequently, my ancestor's father and his ancestor's father was the same man.  Shall we review the details?

As has been documented on the Vosburgh, Knickerbocker, Bogaert and Van Alstyne Family Page, my ancestry can be traced directly to Gijsbert in den Boogaertman, the great-grandfather of Jan Laurens(en) Bogaert via the following, ascending, line:

Five Greats Grandfather: Yzaak (Isaac) Vosburgh
Five Greats Grandmother: Cornelia Knickerbakker

Six Greats Grandfather: Evert Knickerbakker
Six Greats Grandmother: Geertruy/Gertroy Vosburgh

Seven Greats Grandfather: Harmen Jansen (Knickerbocker)
Seven Greats Grandmother: Lysbet(h) Janse Bogaert/Bogart

Eight Greats Grandfather: Jan Laurens(en) Bogaert
Eight Greats Grandmother: Cornelia Ann Evertse/Evarts

Nine Greats Grandfather: Louw Bogaert/Boogaertman
Nine Greats Grandmother:

Ten Greats Grandfather: Theunis Gijsbertszn in den Boogaertman
Ten Greats Grandmother: Nelltjien Laurens

Eleven Greats Grandfather: Gijsbert in den Boogaertman
Eleven Greats Grandmother:

Starting with this same gentleman, my direct relationship to Humphrey Bogart is set forth below. 

There is considerable confusion surrounding certain aspects of the lineage at this point.  Rather than burden this page with the details, they have been set forth on a separate page.

Here is the, descending, line of ancestry that establishes, through my Eleven Greats Grandfather, and his grandson, the brother of my Ten Greats Grandfather, my direct relationship to the actor Humphrey Bogart:

Gijsbert in den Boogaertman was born in 1540, in Holland.  He was the father of my 10GG Theunis Gijsbertszn in den Boogaertman (born in 1562, at Hoog van Middlecoop, Schoonrewoerd, South Holland, District of Vianen, Netherlands) and, thereby, the grandfather of Gijsbert Corneliszn Bogaertman (born circa 1593/1604), the brother of my 9GG.

Gijsbert Corneliszn (Theuniszn?) Bogaert  (circa 1604 - 1684/1685), the son of Theunis Gijsbertszn in den Boogaertman, (and thereby the brother of my 9GG Louw Bogaert/Boogaertman) resided in Schoonerwoerd, Holland.  He married Aertjien Bastiaens (1597 - 1646).  They were the parents of Gysbert/Gijsbert Theuniszn Bogaert (sometimes also referred to as Tunis Gysbert), who was born in 1625.,

Gysbert/Gijsbert Theuniszn Bogaert  (1625 - 1699), also known as Theunis/Tunis Ghysbertse/Gysbert Bogaerdt, was born in Heykoop (or Schoondrewoerd, Utrecht), Netherlands and came to America in 1652.  He married a widow, Sarah Jorissy/Jorissen Rapalje (June 9, 1625 - circa 1685), in New Amsterdam on August 19, 1654.  She is said to be the first white female to be born in New Amsterdam.  They were the parents of Gijsbert Teunisse Bogaert, who was born in 1668.

Sarah Rapalje reportedly had eight children with her first husband, Hans Hansen Bergen and another seven with her second husband Gysbert Theuniszn Bogaert.

Gijsbert Teunisse Bogaert  (1668 - 1732) married Jannetje Simonse Van Arsdale (1670 - 1732) on April 16, 1689.  They were the parents of Gijsbert Bogaert, who was born circa 1694-1697.

Gijsbert Bogaert  (1694/1697 - ) married Marretje Bergen (circa 1695 - ) on November 17, 1719, at Flatlands, King County, New York.  They were the parents of Jacob Bogaert, who was born in 1723.

Jacob Bogaert  (1723 - circa 1777) married Ann Stryker (or Catalyna Albertse Unk ?).  They were the parents of Guisbert/Gilbert Bogaert, who was born in 1748.

Guisbert/Gilbert Bogart  (1748 - circa 1790) married Metje Brokaw/Bragaw (circa 1748 - 1776).  They were the parents of Jacob Bogart, who was born in 1772, at Somerville, New Jersey.

Jacob Bogart  (1772 - after 1793) married Mary Brokaw (circa 1760 - ).  They were the parents of Peter Brokaw Bogart, who was born in 1793.  Assuming this is correct, Jacob was roughly twelve years younger than his wife.  They were the parents of Peter Brokaw Bogart, who was born in 1793.

Peter Brokaw Bogart  (1793 - ) of Raritan, New Jersey, married Agnes Welty (circa 1795 - ).  They were the parents of Adam Welty Bogart, who was born in 1829.

Adam Welty Bogart (1829 - ) of Owasco, Cayuga County, New York, married Julia A Unk (Circa 1830 - ).  They were the parents of Belmont deForest Bogart, who was born in 1865/1866.

Dr. Belmont deForest Bogart  (1865 - 1934) married Maude Humphrey (circa 1865 - 1940).  They were the parents of Humphrey De Forest Bogart, who wan born December 25, 1899.

Humphrey DeForest Bogart  was born on Christmas Day in 1899.  He went on to be a famous movie actor (The Maltese Falcon, Casablanca, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Key Largo, The African Queen, The Caine Mutiny) and was married four times, lastly to actress Lauren Bacall.  Humphrey Bogart died January 14, 1957, in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 57.

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