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Great-Grandmother: Prudence Matthews
Born November 2, 1868.  Married James Robson on November 6, 1890.  Had seven children.  Died July 4, 1945, at age 76.  Further information is found on the Robson Family page.

The state of West Virginia was formed out of the western counties of Virginia and was admitted to the Union on June 20, 1863.  Any references to "West Virginia" prior to that date should more properly be understood as these western counties of "Virginia."

Great-Great-Grandfather: W.Y. Matthews
Great-Great-Grandmother: Margaret Jane Williams
W.Y. (William) Matthews was born September 27, 1839.  Margaret Jane Williams was born October 10, 1839.  Both of them were reportedly born in Marshall County, West Virginia.  They married in 1862 and had 10 children, the fourth of which was my Great-Grandmother Prudence Matthews.  He died October 3, 1922, at age 83.  She died January 9, 1911, at age 71.

In this photograph, my great-great grandparents, W.Y. Matthews and his wife Margaret Jane (Williams) Matthews, are in the foreground.  Standing behind them, left to right are two of their daughters, my great-great-aunts, Mary and Cora, who were the youngest sisters of my great-grandmother Prudence Matthews.  This photograph was probably taken near Redhouse, West Virginia, circa 1905.

The 10 children of W.Y. and Margaret Jane Matthews were:

  • Adeline. Born December 9, 1863.  Died ??
  • Lenore.  Born January 29, 1866.  Died ??
  • Charles P.  Born April 27, 1867.  Died 1940.  Picture
  • Prudence.  Born November 2, 1868.  Died July 4, 1945.
  • Squire L.  Born December 2, 1870.  Married Prudence Hartley.  Died ??
  • Laura R.  Born August 9, 1875.  Died ??
  • William E.  Born May 15, 1877.  Died ??
  • Lydia J.  Born November 28, 1878.  Died ?? Picture
  • Mary E.  Born October 29, 1881.  Died ??
  • Cora B.  Born October 28, 1882.  Married Squire Hartley (1880-1954).  Died October 17, 1971.

Great-Great-Great-Grandfather: Edward Matthews
Great-Great-Great-Grandmother: Rebecca Daugherty
Edward F. Mathews (Matthews) was born January 15, 1813, in Washington (or Fayette) County, Pennsylvania.  He married Rebecca Daugherty on October 25, 1836, in Guernsey County, Ohio.  She was born June (January?) 15, 1815, in Ohio.  In 1853 they moved to Putnam County, West Virginia.  They are reported to have had 10 children.  Among them was the eldest son, my Great-Great Grandfather W.Y. Matthews.  Other children included:

  • Malinda Matthews (June 2, 1837 - )
  • Lydia I. Matthews (November 10, 1841 - )
  • Andrew D. Matthews (December 4, 1843 - )
  • Levi Walter "L.W." Matthews (Dec. 4, 1845 - Aug. 16, 1931) who married Prudence Abigail Williams and had nine children: Romulus, Leota, John, Emma, Effie, Iva, Walter, Thruman, and Gallatin,
  • Mason F. Matthews (October 10, 1847 - )
  • John B. Matthews (February 18, 1850 - ), who migrated to Sioux City, Iowa, and raised a family of two.
  • Harvey Pierson Matthews (November 1852 - November 2, 1892)
  • David E. Matthews (March 7, 1855 - September 6, 1877)
  • Mary J. Matthews ( - June 18, 1879), and
  • Thomas Matthews who went west in a covered wagon and raised a large family near Winfield, Kansas.  He is mentioned in family records, but not in Internet records.  There would certainly be room for another child (born circa 1839) in the above list.
Edward Mathews died August 13, 1887, at age 74.  Buried at Grandview cemetary in Putnam county.  His forbearers came from Germany where the name was spelled Mathis.  One source reports that he lived in Indiana prior to 1845 and that there is some speculation he is of Amish descent, so he may have lived in northeastern Indiana Amish communities.  Rebecca Daugherty is reported to have been of Scotch-Irish descent.  She died July 20, 1879.  Edward remarried a Sarah E. Wright on March 17, 1881, in Putnam County.

Great-Great-Great-Grandfather: William Williams
Great-Great-Great-Grandmother: Nancy Rine
Compelling evidence suggests that William Williams (1807/08 - ) and Nancy Rine (1812 - April 24, 1852), who were married November 6, 1831, were the parents of my Great-Great-Grandmother Margaret J. Williams.  He may be the same William Williams who was appointed as a "road supervisor" in Marshall County, West Virginia, on April 23, 1836.  One source reports a William Williams, born in 1807, who lived in Cowley county, Kansas, with his wife "Nancy (Rine) Williams," who "died in 1852, aged 41."  This date and age at death matches the reported date of her birth in 1812.  Other sources state that Nancy Rine Williams is buried at Rines Ridge, Marshall county, in the Fredonia Cemetery.  The source with the most detail ( shows that Nancy Rine had nine children, among them: "Mary Ann Williams born about 1844" and "Margaret J. Williams born about 1840." This source also names the other seven children.  Another source ( reports that "Margaret J. Williams" was born "about 1840.".

If this "Margaret J. Williams" is, in fact, my Great-Great Grandmother "Margaret Jane Williams," then her line is connected to the family of Lazarus Rine, as set forth below.  A Matthews family history constructed (probably) in the mid-1940s, suggesting that John Williams and Prudence Richardson were the parents of Margaret Jane Williams is incorrect.  They were, in fact, the parents of Prudence Abigail Williams, who married Levi Walter (L.W.) Matthews, a brother of my great, great, grandfather W.Y. Matthews.  Another history of the Matthews family, constructed in 1971, states that the parents of Margaret Jane Williams were "John Williams born 1811 and Margaret Richards born 1811."  I have found nothing further regarding such persons and this may also be a confusion with the aforementioned John Williams and his wife Prudence Richardson, who were born in 1811.

Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather: Lazarus Rine
Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother: Elizabeth (Ault?)
Lazarus Rine (Senior)was born circa 1750/1760 in Prussia, which is a part of modern-day Germany.  About 1781 he married a woman named Elizabeth, also a native of Prussia, whose last name may have been Ault.  He is said to have died before August 1833 at Rines Ridge, Ohio county, West Virginia.  Elizabeth reportedly died sometime after that date at that same place.  They were the parents of Nancy Rine

According to Dorothy Elizabeth Rine Brown's book on the Rine family, it was family tradition that "Lazarus Rine came to the United States from Hesse-Cassel as one of the Hessian soldiers.  He was captured by General George Washington, December 26, 1776 at the Battle of Trenton, New Jersey.  After hearing the American side of the story, he enlisted in the American Army."  He reportedly enlisted in 1777 at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in Captain James Sullivan's Company of the 13th Virginia Regiment which was commanded by Colonel John Gibson.  Another web site details his involvement with George Rogers Clark's Fort Jefferson at the intersection of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.  He was discharged October 3, 1780.

Lazarus was given a patent to land lying on Buffalo Creek in present day Ohio County, West Virginia.  This land was near the town of West Liberty.  On October 3, 1796, he and wife Elizabeth sold the land, by which time he was already living in the Sand Hill District of present day Marshall County, West Virginia.

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