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Grandfather: James Hollis Robson
Grandmother: Mary Anne Pauley

James Hollis Robson was born on a farm at "Grandview" near Redhouse, West Virginia, on April 28, 1895.  Mary Anne Pauley was born on February 27, 1899, at Briar Creek, West Virginia.  They were married on June 2, 1920.  My grandparents Robson had two daughters, my mother Marie Eloise, born March 20, 1921, and my aunt Betty Anne, born October 8, 1922.  My grandmother Robson died in Charleston, West Virginia, on October 19, 1981, at age 82.  My grandfather Robson died in Vero Beach, Florida, on May 5, 1987, at age 92.  The picture, above left, was taken in 1970 on the occasion of my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary.

Little is known about my grandmother Robson's side of the family.  What I do have is found on the Pauley Family page.

Great-Grandfather: James Robson
Great-Grandmother: Prudence Matthews

James Robson was born September 14, 1866.  Prudence Matthews was born November 2, 1868.  They married on November 6, 1890, and had seven children.  James Robson died May 25, 1941, at age 74.  Prudence Matthews died July 4, 1945, at age 76.  This portrait, taken about 1906 or 1907, shows him as a very handsome 40-year-old gentleman.

The seven children of James and Prudence Robson were:

  • Flossie E.  Born August 30, 1891.  She was one of a set of twins, the other of which died at birth.  Married Chancy D. Parsons, December 25, 1919.  Died September 22, 1976.
  • Virgie Ethel.  Born February 8, 1893.  Married Thomas B. Meeks 1915.  Died December 6, 1974.
  • James Hollis.  Born April 28, 1895.  Married Mary Anne Pauley June 2, 1920.  Died May 5, 1987.
  • Maggie D.  November 14, 1896.  (Didn't marry)  Died May 18, 1976.
  • Charles Luther.  Born February 1, 1899.  Married Iva Skaggs, June 6, 1923.  Died July 14, 1976.
  • Pearl Stanley.  Born March 5, 1901.  Married Alice Burns, August 13, 1927.  Died April 13, 1973.
  • Gladys May.  Born October 16, 1906.  Married J. M. "Mike" Craigo, August 9, 1935.  Died 199?

This photograph, taken in 1911, includes my great grandparents Robson and all seven of their young children.  Click the image for a larger version which includes identification of each family member.

Some thirty years later, this photograph (estimated to have been taken about 1940) also shows James and Prudence Robson with their seven children.  From left to right: James Hollis, Prudence, James, Flossie, Virgie, Pearl, Gladys, Charles, and Maggie.  Click the image for a larger version.

Great-Great-Grandfather: John Robson
Great-Great-Grandmother: Mary Ellison
John Robson was born in Scotland (Glasgow?) on May 21, 1824.  Mary Ellison was born in England on December 2, 1835/36.  John and Mary and two daughters (Anna and Rebecca) arrived in the United States on April 30, 1866, at the port of New York, aboard the S.S. Erin.  A third daughter, Mary, died on board ship en route and was buried at sea.  More about the ship may be found on a separate page.

John and Mary lived in a village named Catfish, in Clarion County, Pennsylvania, where he worked in the coal mines.  After a number of years, he accumulated enough to buy a farm in Putnam County, West Virginia, where he moved his family about 1878.

He and his sons cleared a farm at "Grandview" where he lived until his death on December 31, 1895, at age 71.  His wife, Mary (Ellison) Robson who, according to the 1900 census, could neither read nor write, died February 6, 1914, at age 77.  Both are buried in the Dunlap Church Cemetery in Red House, West Virginia.

Although the headstone of Mary Robson shows a birth date of December 2, 1836, there is evidence that the correct year was 1835.  She is shown as being "30" on the April 1966 ship's passenger list and "64" in June 1900, although her birthday had not yet come in either case.

Research prepared in 1971, and apparently paid for by my grandfather Robson, provides most of the following information regarding the nine children of John and Mary Robson:

  • Anna.  Born in England about 1860.  Married a Mr. Gillespie.  Died ??
  • Mary.  Born ??  Died at sea.
  • Rebecca.  Born May 18, 1862.  Married William Duncan.  Had nine children.  Died January 1, 1928.
  • James.  Born at Erwin Station, Pennsylvania on September 14, 1866.  Married Prudence Matthews, November 6, 1890.  Had seven children.  Died May 25, 1941.
  • William.  Born 1867, in U.S.A.  Married in Indiana.  Had five children.
  • Grace.  Born July 18, 1872.  Married Edward Grant Steele.  Had four children.  Died April 28, 1934.  Picture
  • John.  Born October 1875.  Lost an arm.  Married late, no children.  Died May 19, 1939.
  • Mary (#2).  Born 1877.  Married W. Oscar Crandall.  Had six children.  Died December 28, 1964.
  • Thomas Ellison  Born 1879.  Married Ada Belle Jones.  Had seven (nine?) children.  Died September 12, 1960.

This picture (scanned from a tintype) was taken about 1888.  Seated right is believed to be Grace (Robson) Steele.  Standing is believed to be my Great-Grandmother Prudence Matthews at age 19 or 20, two years before she married my Great-Grandfather James Robson.  The young man is unidentified.

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