Roosa and de Jongh Families

Seven Greats-Grandfather: Laurens Jansen (Louw)(Cortright)
Seven Greats-Grandmother: Mary Roosa

Eight Greats-Grandfather: Aldert Heijmans Roosa
Eight Greats-Grandmother: Wilhelmina de Jongh
Aldert\Aeldert\Albert Heijmans\Heymans\Hymanse (1610/1621 - February 27, 1679) was born between 1610-1618 in the village of Herwynen, Holland.  He was the son of Heyman Guysbert.

Aldert and Wyntje arrived in New Amsterdam on the ship called De Bonte Koe (The Spotted Cow) about April 15, 1660.  Their eight children were with them ranging from ages 2 to 17.  Among them was 7-year-old Mary Roosa.  Shortly thereafter the family settled in Esopus and later moved to the New Village (Hurley).  Within several months the Roosa family was attending services at the local Dutch Church.  Aldert eventually became an elder and a member of the Consistory of the Dutch Reformed Church in Kingston.  It is there that he is buried.

Wilhelmina De Jongh\Wyntje de Jongh, also known as Wijntje (Wilhelmina) Ariens De Jongh, was born about 1630 and died after 1679.

Nine Greats-Grandfather: Heyman Guysbert Roosa
Nine Greats-Grandmother: Metie\Metje Gysbertsor\Gijbertse\Gijsbertse De Roos
Heyman Guysbert Roosa (1585\1595 - ) was born in Herwynen,Gelderland, Holland and married Metie Gysbertsor De Roos (circa 1595 - ), of that same place.  They were the parents of Aldert Heijmans Roosa

Nine Greats-Grandfather: Adrien\Arien Meertensen De Jongh
Nine Greats-Grandmother: Maria ___
Adrien Meertensen De Jongh (1595/1600 - ) was born and died in Holland.  He married a woman named Maria.  He was the father of Wilhelmina Wyntje de Jongh.

Ten Greats-Grandfather: Abraham Gijsbert Goertzen Roosa
Ten Greats-Grandmother: Maria Alterts Dirksen
Abraham Gijsbert Goertzen Roosa (circa 1560 - )was born in Holland.  He married Maria Alterts Dirksen.  They were the parents of Heyman Guysbert Roosa.

Ten Greats-Grandfather: Meerten Adrians De Jongh
Ten Greats-Grandmother:
Meerten Adrians De Jongh was born about 1552.  He was the father of Arien Meertensen De Jongh

Eleven Greats-Grandfather: Goert Rossa ?
Eleven Greats-Grandmother:
Goert Rossa, born circa 1530, may have been the father of Abraham Gijsbert Goertzen Roosa.

Eleven Greats-Grandfather: Adrian De Jongh
Eleven Greats-Grandmother:
Adrian De Jongh was born in Holland in about 1530.  He was the father of Meerten Adrians De Jongh

Twelve Greats-Grandfather: Adrian De Jongh
Twelve Greats-Grandmother:
Adrian De Jongh was born in Holland circa 1500.  Evidence for this early name and date comes from a land conveyance dated January 11, 1631, in which it is stated: Adriaen Evertsen Groot, heir of Jan Adriensen Groot, conveyed land in Herwijnen to Adrian Adriensen Jorszoon De Jongh -- Adrian, son of Adrian, son of Joris, son of Adrian De Jongh, which again throws the De Jongh ancestry of that locality back to an Adrian De Jongh born not later than 1500.

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Included among the candidates for further research is the Kuijsten family line:

Nine Greats-Grandfather: Heijman Guijsberts Roosa
Nine Greats-Grandmother: Ijken Jans Kuijsten
Ijken Jans Kuijsten (circa 1590 - circa 1623) is reported to have been the mother of Aldert Heymans Roosa, but this seems to conflict with the above.  The parents of Ijken Jans Kuijsten were Jan Anthonisz Kuijst and Mericken Aert Willemsdr, both of whom may be traced back further.  See:

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