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Vosburgh Family

Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather: Thomas Low
Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother: Charity (Gerrtje/Geertrui) Vosburgh

Five Greats Grandfather: Yzaak (Isaac) Vosburgh
Five Greats Grandmother: Cornelia Knickerbocker
Yzaak Vosburgh was baptized September 7, 1731, at Kinderhook, Columbia County, New York, later residing at Canajoharie, Montgomery County, New York.  He married (his cousin?) Cornelia Knickerbakker on February 14, 1755, at The Flats, Reyn Becck, Dutchess County, New York.

Cornelia Knickerbakker\Knickerbocker, was baptized June 10, 1733, in Linlithgo, Columbia County, New York.  She was the daughter of Everte Knickerbakker (below).  She may be the Cornelia Vosburgh who died November 20, 1809, and who is buried in Tivoli Cemetery.  Isaac and Cornelia were the parents of Geertrui Vosburgh.  See below for more regarding ancestors in the Knickerbocker family.

Six Greats Grandfather: Pieter Vosburgh
Six Greats Grandmother: Dirkje/Dirckje Van Alstyne
Pieter Vosburgh was the third of ten children of Jacob Abraham Vosburgh and Dorothea Janse Van Alstyne.  He was baptized May 23, 1686, in Albany, New York.  On February 18, 1717, in Albany, he married Dirkje Van Alstyne (a cousin?).  She was baptized, May 26, 1695, and was the daughter of Lambert Jansen Van Alstyne and Jannetje Thomase Mingael.  Pieter and Dirkje had seven children, the sixth of which was Yzzak (Isaac) Vosburgh.

Seven Greats Grandfather: Jacob Abraham Vosburgh
Seven Greats Grandmother: Dorothea Janse Van Alstyne
Jacob Abraham Vosburgh was born circa 1654, the second child of Abraham Pieterse Vosburgh and Geertruy Pieterse Coeymans.  He resided at Kinderhook, Columbia County, New York. On January 4, 1681, he appeared in court at Albany and took the oath as Constable of Kinderhook, holding the office until May 5, 1685.  No later than 1697, he moved to Livingston Manor, where he was one of the first settlers.  In 1714, he was listed among the inhabitants of Dutchess County, New York.  On July 4, 1722, he was elected one of the Elders of the Linlithgo church.  He died October 15, 1732, at Linlithgo, Columbia County, New York.  Further detail about Jacob Abraham Vosburgh is available on a separate page.

Jacob was married May 7, 1678, to Dorothea Janse Van Alstyne.  She was born circa 1659, the daughter of Jan Martense Van Alstyne and Derckien Hermanse Boertgens.  Jacob and Dorothea were the parents of Pieter Vosburgh.  See below for more regarding ancestors in the Van Alstyne family.

Eight Greats Grandfather: Abraham Pieterse Vosburgh
Eight Greats Grandmother: Geertruy Pieterse Coeymans
Abraham Pieterse Vosburgh was born in Holland, circa 1620.  By August 1649 he was a settler in the Colony of Rensselaerswyck near Albany, New York, a surveyor, carpenter, and bridge builder by trade.  He died circa September 21, 1659, when killed by Indians.  His son Jacob Abraham would have been five years old at the time.  A great deal more about Abraham Pieterse Vosburgh, his wife, and his fate at the hands of indians, is available on a separate page.

Abraham married circa 1651 to Geertruy (Gertrude) Pieterse Coeymans, who was born before 1636, the daughter of Pieter Coeymans (Koijemans, Kuijmans, or Kooijmans, which is Dutch for cattleman) of Utrecht, Holland.  She subsequently remarried (Albert Andriessen Bradt) and died at Kinderhook, Columbia County, New York.  Her will was probated February 28, 1688, in that county.

Nine Greats Grandfather: Pieter Jacobse Vosburgh
Nine Greats Grandmother:
Pieter Jacobse Vosburghs (1590 - ) was the father of Abraham Pieterse Vosburgh.  He immigrated from Holland to New Amsterdam.

Nine Greats Grandfather: Jacob Vosburgh
Nine Greats Grandmother:
Jacob Vosburgh is said to have been born in 1560.  According to more than one source, he was the father of Pieter Jacobse Vosburgh

Knickerbocker Family

Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather: Thomas Low
Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother: Charity (Gerrtje/Geertrui) Vosburgh

Five Greats Grandfather: Yzaak (Isaac) Vosburgh
Five Greats Grandmother: Cornelia Knickerbakker/Knickerbocker

Six Greats Grandfather: Evert Knickerbakker
Six Greats Grandmother: Geertruy/Gertroy Vosburgh
Evert Knickerbakker was baptized September 3, 1699, in Rennsselaerwyck, Albany, New York, the seventh child of Harmen Jansen and Lysbeth Janse Bogaert.  He married May 23, 1725, in Albany, New York, to Geertruy Vosburgh.  They had at least three children, one of whom was Cornelia, born June 10, 1773.  He died at some point after 1755.

Seven Greats Grandfather: Harmen Jansen (Knickerbocker)
Seven Greats Grandmother: Lysbet(h) Janse Bogaert/Bogart
Harmen Janse van Bommel (also known as Harmen Jansen van Wye) was born March 8/18, 1648/47, in Bommel, Netherlands.  Family tradition reports that he served in the navy of the Netherlands and was severely wounded as a participant with De Ruyter's fleet in the Battle of Solebay, July 25, 1665.  Happily for me, he recovered and in 1674, he was commissioned to sail for Fort Orange in the New Netherlands.  He thereafter settled at Albany, New York.  The first mention of Harmen Janse van Bommell in America appears in the Albany records when he was a witness in a lawsuit April 6, 1680.  He is called Van Bommel in the records of the city of Albany, in the Court Minutes and in the Dutch Church register.  In 1682, for reasons open to conjecture, he signed a contract with the name "Hermen Jansen van Wyekycback(e)."  Somehow, this found its way into the (anglicized) surname "Knickerbocker" and appears as such in most records as the surname of his eight children, including Evert Knickerbocker.  Harmen Jansen van Bommel Knickerbacker died April 2, 1721, at Schaghticoke (pronounced skat-e-coke), New York.  His grave is in the Witenagemott burial field in Old Schaghticoke.

On January 3, 1674/75, in Albany, New York, Harmen Jansen married Lysbeth Janse Bogaert.  In 1683, "Harmen Jansz Knickelbacker" and "Lysbet Harmensz" were listed as members of the Dutch Reformed Church at Albany   In 1690, he and Lysbeth moved to Schagticoke.  She was born in Leerdam, Holland, in 1651 and christened there June 3, 1651, one of the 10 children of Jan Laurens(en) Bogaert and Cornelia Ann Evartse/Evertse.  She died in April 15, 1723 at Red Hook, Dutchess County, New York.  Harmen and Lysbet had nine children, the eighth of which was Evert Knickerbakker.  See below for more regarding ancestors in the Bogaert family.

Eight Greats Grandfather: Johan Van Wyhe
Eight Greats Grandmother: Jannetje Jansen
Johan(nes) Van Wyhe\Wye\Wie was married to a woman named Jannetje Jansen of Masterlandt.  He resided in Bommel, Netherlands.  They were the parents of Harmen Jansen van Wye.

Research set forth on a Knickerbocker Family web site traces, with varying degrees of detail, the Van Wyhe line all the way back to Jordaen van Wyhe (born circa 1245) who took his name from the settlement of Wyhe on the river Yssel in the central Netherlands province of Overyssel.  This same web site presents information that discredits the suggestion that the actual father of Harmen Jansen was Johannes Van Berghan, whose wife was Juliana Van Marnin, daughter of Rutger Van Marnix, Lord of Botsellaer.  The following names and nearly all of the details are taken from the information found on that site and are presented with the caveat that accounts of this vintage are always subject to error.

Nine Greats Grandfather: Roelof Van Wyhe
Nine Greats Grandmother: Johanna Splythoff
Roelof Van Wyhe ( - 1600) was a Captain in the army.  He was the father of Johan Van Wyhe.

Ten Greats Grandfather: Cornelis Van Wyhe
Ten Greats Grandmother: Wilhelmina van Haeften
Cornelis Van Wyhe was a judge at Wageningen (Holland) in 1563.  He married Wilhelmina van Haeften and had a son Roelof.

This may be the same Wilhelmina van Haeften who was born July 2, 1533 and who died December 31, 1607, the daughter of Walraven van Haeften and Gerarda van Honselaer.  Future research could begin at http://genroy.free.fr/stl62.html.

Eleven Greats Grandfather: Gysbert Van Wyhe
Eleven Greats Grandmother:
Gysbert Van Wyhe ( - 1548) had a son Cornelis.  Gysbert (Gilbert) was a judge at Arnhem.  He belonged to the nobility of the "Upper Betue."  This is a reference to the province of Gelderland (Holland) within which is found the regions of "Bovenbetuwe" (Upper Betuwe) and "Nederbetuwe" (Lower Betuwe).

Twelve Greats Grandfather: Harmon Harmonize Van Whye
Twelve Greats Grandmother: Aleid van Bommel
Harmon Harmonize Van Whye ( - 1531) married Aleid van Bommel.  He became "Lord of Ressenerbroeck" near Bommel, and was the father of Gysbert Van Wyhe.

Thirteen Greats Grandfather: Herman Van Wyhe
Thirteen Greats Grandmother: ___ van Heerdt
Herman Van Wyhe was magistrate of the town of Arnhem in 1459 and was alive in 1490.  He married a woman whose surname was Van Heertdt.  They had two children one of whom was Harmon Harmansz van Wyhe.

Fourteen Greats Grandfather: Willem Van Wyhe
Fourteen Greats Grandmother:
All that is known is that Willem was alive in 1434 and had three children, one of whom was Herman Van Wyhe.

Fifteen Greats Grandfather: Herman Van Wyhe
Fifteen Greats Grandmother:
In 1392, Herman Van Wyhe was the Governor of Neder-Betue, a district in the province of North Brabant which includes the town of Bommel from which Harmen Jansen (Knickerbocker) left for America many years later.  Herman was the father of four children, one of whom was Willem Van Wyhe.

Sixteen Greats Grandfather: Johannes Van Wyhe
Sixteen Greats Grandmother: Hille van -Rivierre
Johannes Van Wyhe ( - 1371) was the 3rd Lord of Echteld.  He married Hille van -Rivierre and they had one daughter and five sons, the third of which was Herman van Wyhe.

Seventeen Greats Grandfather: Hendrick Van Wyhe
Seventeen Greats Grandmother:
All that is known about Hendrick Van Wyhe is that he had one son Johannes and one daughter Hermana.  He died before his father.

Eighteen Greats Grandfather: Jordaen Van Wyhe
Eighteen Greats Grandmother: ___ Echteld
Jordaen Van Wyhe was probably born around 1245, for it is reported that in 1271 be married ___ Echteld.  She was apparently an heiress in her own right, as Jordaen became the "1st Lord of Echteld", a minor title of Dutch nobility passed through the eldest son.  Hendrick was the eldest of their three sons.

See this Knickerbocker web site for more detail on the Knickerbocker family.  Also see the fascinating analysis of the possible origin of the name at this Knickerbocker site.

Bogaert Family

Eight Greats Grandfather: Jan Laurens(en) Bogaert
Eight Greats Grandmother: Cornelia Ann Evertse/Evarts
Jan Laurensen Bogaert was born about 1625-1630 in Schoonderwoerd, a town in South Holland.   Circa 1665 he married Cornelia Ann Evertse/Evarts, whose parents are unknown.  On April 16, 1663, with his wife and two children (Peter Jansen Bogert and Lysbeth Janse Bogart, age seven), he sailed for America.  A third child (Johannes Bogart) had died as a child.  It is interesting to note that Jan Bastianensen Kortrijk, together with his brother Michael (Michiel) and their respective families were fellow passengers on this same ship and sailing.  A month later the craft touched the wharf at New Amsterdam, where some of the emigrants embarked.

Jan (who was also known as Jan Louwe Bogert) continued on to the vicinity of Bedford, Brooklyn, where he bought a farm, and remained there until 1671.  In the spring of that year he had an opportunity to take charge of the farm of Dr. John de la Montagne near Harlem.  On May 1, 1672, he moved from Bedford, and for a period of twenty years was an active participant in the civil and religious affairs of Harlem.  That he prospered is evidenced by the fact that in 1679, 1691, and 1701 he bought lands at Hoorns Hook, Spuyten Duyvil, and Hellegat Sound.  He was chosen magistrate of Harlem in 1675 and 1676, but failed afterward in the realization of any other political aspirations.  In 1695 he sold his lands at Bedford and in 1706 his farm lands in Harlem.  The following Spring, stricken in years, he and his wife moved to New Amsterdam (joining the Dutch Church there on May 27, 1707), where they died soon after at a ripe old age.

After arriving in America, Jan and Cornelia reportedly had seven more children, two of whom are of particular interest:

Gysbert Bogaert, who was born about 1664 at Bedford, Brooklyn, Kings County, Long Island, New York, the first of the American-born children.  About the time his parents left Harlem, he moved to Tappan or Orangetown, New York where he bought land in 1707.  He married Annetie Jansen Low, the daughter of Laurens Jansen Louw [son of Laurens and Mary Roosa?]; and

Claas/Klaas (Nicholas) Janzen Bogaert, who was born in 1668 also at Bedford.  His first wife was Beeltje\Belitje Van Schaick, baptized on April 2, 1672 at Dutch Reformed Church, Kings County, Long Island.  Although she died on September 26, 1706, at age 34, she had given birth to Jan\John Bogaert on May 1, 1697.  He was the Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather of Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States.  Thus, the former president and I share a common ancestor.  See the T.R. and Me page for details. Klaas Bogaert died January 5, 1727.

Nine Greats Grandfather: Louw Theuniszn Bogaert/Boogaertman
Nine Greats Grandmother:
Louw Theuniszn Bogaert (also known as Laurens) was born in Schoonrewoerd, Holland, circa 1598 - 1605, apparently the eldest of three sons.  He succeeded his father as the guardian of the minor orphans of his two brothers Cornelius and Gysbert.  The name of his wife is unknown.  His will was dated May 3, 1667, and he died in 1676, in the "Old Man's Home," Vianen on the Haverdijk, Holland.

At least one account (New York and New England Families, 1883 by S.V. Talcott) suggests that Louw Theuniszn Bogaert was not the father of Jan Laurensen Bogaert, but that Jan was the son of Louw's brother, Cornelius Theunis Boogaertman, who was born about 1609.  The greater weight of evidence suggests that this account is in error.  It all gets rather complicated.  See this Bogart Family web page for an exhaustive compilation of Bogart ancestry.

In either case, Jan was the grandson of Theunis Gijsbertszn in den Boogaertman.

Ten Greats Grandfather: Theunis Gijsbertszn in den Boogaertman
Ten Greats Grandmother: Nelltjien Laurens
Theunis Gijsbertszn/Gisberszen in den Boogaertman was born in 1562 and resided in the Hoog van Middlecomp, Schoonrewoerd, near Leerdam, Province of South Holland.  His first wife was Nelltjien Laurens.  He is frequently mentioned in the court records of Schoonrewoerd between 1615 and 1646.  It is apparent that he owned considerable property, and like others in the small village was in frequent financial difficulties.  When his first wife died, her estate was divided among Theunis and their two surviving children.  He was the guardian of his grandchildren, the children of his deceased son Cornelius.  On December 26, 1646, he petitioned the court at Leerdam to name another guardian because of his failing eyesight and the fact that he was "an old man, over eighty years of age."  Theunis died 1646 or 1647 at Schoonrewoerd, Holland.

Nelltjien Laurens (circa 1556 - circa 1645) was the mother of three children: Louw Theuniszn, Gijbert Theuniszn, and Cornelius Theunis, born circa 1609.

Eleven Greats Grandfather: Gijsbert in den Boogaertman
Eleven Greats Grandmother:
Gijsbert in den Boogaertman was born in 1540, in Holland.  Original Source from National Archives in Hague, Holland.  In Dutch, the name is pronounced Boo-gaert, and means a group of fruit trees or orchard, thus "the man in the orchard." His only known son was Theunis Gijsbertszn in den Boogaertman, born in 1562.  It is through the descendants of these two gentlemen that I am related to the actor Humphrey Bogart.  See the Here's Looking At Me page for details.  My brain balked and my eyes glazed over at the thought of sorting it out, but it appears clear that Humphrey Bogart and Teddy Roosevelt are also related to each other.

Another Internet source presents an incredibly exhaustive treatment of the descendents of Gijsbert in den Boogaertman.

Van Alstyne Family

Six Greats Grandfather: Pieter Vosburgh
Six Greats Grandmother: Dirkje/Dirckje Van Alstyne

Seven Greats Grandfather: Jacob Abraham Vosburgh
Seven Greats Grandmother: Dorothea Janse Van Alstyne

Eight Greats Grandfather: Jan Martense Van Alstyne
Eight Greats Grandmother: Derckien Hermanse Boertgens
Jan Martense Van Alstyne (aka Jan de Wever) was born about 1623 at Meppel, Drenthe Province, the Netherlands.  He was the immigrant ancestor of the Van Alstyne family in America, having first come to America in 1652 as an employee of the West India Trading Company.  Sometime later he returned to Meppel and about 1655 returned to America with his wife and two sons Herman and Abraham.  His name appears many times in early records.  He and his wife were fined on several occasions for selling beer to the Indians, and once he was fined for selling brandy "after the ringing of the bell and during the sermon".

Jan Martense Van Alstyne (circa 1623 - circa 1698) married Derckien\Dirckje Hermanse Boertgens (circa 1625 - 1682), daughter of Harmense Harmense (born circa 1599) of Meppel, Drenthe Province, Netherlands.  They had ten children, two of which married children of Abraham Pieterse Vosburgh and Geertruy Pieterse Coeymans.  The 6th child, Isaac Janse de Wever Van Alstyne (July 16, 1657 - January 4, 1746) married (October 20, 1689) Marritje Abbedis Vosburgh, in Albany, New York.  The 7th child, Dorothea Janse Van Alstyne (1659 - ) married (May 7, 1678) to Jacob Abraham Vosburgh, in Kinderhook, New York.  Derckien Hermanse Boertgens died in 1682 in Kinderhook, Columbia, New York.

Nine Greats Grandfather: Marten Van Alstyne
Nine Greats Grandmother:
Marten Van Alstyne was born circa 1591.  He was of Meppel, Drenthe, Netherlands and married circa 1617 to an unknown woman.  They had at least three children, one of whom was Jan Martense Van Alstyne.

Note To Self

This is not for public consumption but, rather, a reminder to myself of avenues to be explored at some future time.

Further research of the following is indicated:

  • Cornelis Kortright's great-great granddaughter Elisabeth Kortright apparently was married to James Monroe, then Ambassador to Paris, France, and later the president of the United States.

  • A possible second connection to T.R. through Laurens Louw and Mary Roosa

  • Wouter Quackenbos, Jr., the son of Neeltje Gysbertse Van Den Bergh was prob. b. abt. 1671. On 4 Oct. 1696 at the Reformed Dutch Church of Albany he mar. Cornelia Jans Bogaert, who was b. 21 Nov. 1676, a dau. of Jan Laurens Bogaert and Cornelia Evertse. Wouter died in 1736 and Cornelia died 18 Nov. 1735. See: http://users.crocker.com/~jcamp/gcvb.html. May reveal connections to the Vanderbilts and Quackenbush families.

  • Links to President Van Buren look promising, as well.

  • Maybe even Herman Melville

  • Also see: http://www.mindspring.com/~braniff/dutch.htm for a big list of links to Dutch genealogy pages.
  • See: http://users.crocker.com/~jcamp/jlfam.html for possible connections to other famous people of dutch ancestry.
  • Also see: http://library.thinkquest.org/C005615/data/english_text/famousdutch.html, entitled Famous Americans with Dutch Ancestors. The list includes: Thomas Edison, Cornelius Vanderbilt. Then, there's http://genealogy.about.com/library/authors/ucklaassen1a.htm, relating generally to the researching of Dutch ancestry.

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