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No, I am not the Jim Lowe who recorded "The Green Door" back in the 50s.  Nor am I the Jim Lowe who is "in the lumber business" and who has a lot of people trying to reach him at the wrong phone number.  Rather, I am the one who has an interest in a wide variety of subjects, some of which are set forth on my home page.

I can't remember a time when I wasn't interested in what has come to be known as popular culture, such things as comic books, movies, popular music, posters, nostalgic memorabilia, and odd-ball collectibles.

In recent years, my wife Sharon and I have also become world travelers and jazz cruise addicts.  Over the past decade or so we have visited close to 50 countries and places on all 7 continents, naturally checking out flea markets and antique shops whenever possible.

Beyond being engaged with the subjects displayed on my home page, I spend quite a lot of time going to movies, listening to music, reading biographies, and commiserating with "Mikey" -- the sweetest little long-haired dachshund on Earth.  Actually he is not "little," not one of those let's-pretend-I'm-a-real-dog miniature varieties.  No, he is a full-size adult male who, despite this clarification that he insists be included, is still significantly littler than I.


The listings which follow are not links to other web sites in the world at large.  Rather they are links to other personal byways within this site--the sort of thing that only family members, old friends, and those with an inexplicable interest in the persona of your generous host, would be interested in.  Who knows what you might find at these places?

  • Favorite movies, records, books, and insights.  Yes, vanity-type stuff of the sort that has made large portions of the World Wide Web so tiresome.

  • Some of you may remember me from the early days of Betamax video recording when I was editor and publisher of "The Videophile."  Many years have past and my interests are now focused in other areas, but Videophile columnist Ray Glasser has kept the fire burning.  His very informative web site should satisfy your lingering appetite for all things "Beta."  If you dig deep enough, you will even find reprints of the earliest issues of "The Videophile's Newsletter."

  • "Happy Piggyland"  [Construction of which is being given due consideration]

  • Rare photo of  Jim Lowe and questionable companions taken in connection with circumstances that are best left undescribed.

  • "Family History"  For those doing genealogical research on the West Virginia branches of the Lowe or Robson families, here is the never-to-be-completed illustrated family tree of my family.  Parts of it are "Under Construction."  I guess they always will be.

  • The best advice that you will ever get.

I realize the above provides little to enlighten you about the man behind the page.  Accordingly, I am pleased to permit access to the really personal stuff that you are naturally curious about.

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Happiness is the only good.
The time to be happy is now.
The way to be happy is to make others so.
      -- Robert G. Ingersoll

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