The Katzenjammer Kids: The "Other" Artists

Five other cartoonists have carried the torch since the death of Harold Knerr.

Doc Winner

Doc Winner, who had assisted on or "ghosted" a number of other strips for King Features Syndicate, took over in 1949.  The Winner panel shown here is from a French reprint book "Pim Pam Poum" published in 1981.  Hans and Fritz are known as "Pam" and "Poum" in France.

Joe Musial

Joe Musial, another man of many talents at King Features, took over in 1956 and was the primary artist for the next 20 years.

Musial was a gifted man, but in his later years he changed the look of the strip in such a way that it lost the charm of its previously soft cartoony style.  The example of his work shown above is from a 1971 strip, reprinted in the Yugoslavian magazine "Politikin Zabavnik."

Mike Senich

Mike Senich became the Katzies artist in October 1976 and continued its stewardship until 1981.  The panels shown here are from photostats of the original art (thus, no color) for a page published on September 18, 1977.

Angelo DeCesare

Angelo DeCesare took his turn for a five-year period between 1981 and 1986.

Considering the constraints which had come to burden creativity in the funny pages by that time, he did a very creditable job of recapturing the look of the Knerr years, as evidenced by the three panels shown here, from a page published on May 22, 1983.

Hy Eisman

Since 1986, the Katzenjammer Kids has been rendered by Hy Eisman, who also draws the continuing adventures of "Popeye."  The panels shown here are from a strip which appeared in the Sunday papers on July 12, 1987.  A more recent full color Sunday page may be seen at King Features own Katzenjammer Kids Web Page.

At least one other artist should be mentioned.  Most of the comic "book" appearances were simply reprints of the Sunday comic "strips."  However, there were a certain number of original adventures drawn specifically for the comic book version of these characters.

Many of these flowed from the pen of Peter Wells.  Since Musial (and possibly Winner) also did some comic book work, nearly all of which is unsigned, I am reluctant to reproduce an example here and claim that it was drawn by Wells.  Instead, the image you see here is a little illustration included in a letter to me from Mr. Wells.

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