Wherein Jim shamelessy pats himself on the back.

In addition to the cyber-applause displayed on the main page, I am pleased to have been recognized by the following dwellers of the Web:

"Retro" the online "Magazine of Classic 20th Century Popular Culture" spotlights "Anything that was ever cool."  This is the sort of stuff that fans who like this sort of stuff like.  You won't find a more thoughtful or well designed popular culture oriented site on the Web.  I was pleased to be singled out for recognition in the Sept/Oct 1997 issue.

In the "Guide to the Best of the Best" for the week of September 2-9, 1997, Yahoo! Internet Life Daily placed our little effort at the top of the list, saying:

The Web, you say, has tons of information on even the most obscure corners of popular culture.

Yes, we say, but some topics (JFK conspiracy theories, Dilbert, Pamela Lee) get more tonnage than others (the Pie Girl Dinner, Katzenjammer Kids, Sally Rand).  If you said "who?" to any of the last three, get thee immediately to this site, where some of the less well-lit corners of 20th-century popcult are brilliantly illuminated.  Big fun.

According to The Mining Company, "Vot Der Dumboozle?" is among the "Best of the Net."  In its own words, The Mining Company is "The Net's only place with hundreds of real, live Guides digging deep to find the best resources on the topics you care about.  The Mining Company's Guides lead sites on just about every topic imaginable."

We have been recognized in the "Popular Culture" section of the vast Suite 101 culture and entertainment resource pages.  In October 1997, Laura Lee, thereof, referred to your host as "A man after my own heart."  If you haven't yet visited Suite 101, it's high time that you do.

I have been "six-packed."  The "Six-Pack", radiating from way up in Newfoundland, is a Canadian site that cobbles together a group of six sites, on a weekly basis, which it considers to be worthy of presentation to the Internet public.   [First week of September 1997]

An excellent site located in Italy, but devoted to the promotion of comic and cartoon art throughout the world, Anonima Fumetti called attention to our Katzenjammer Kids and Carl Barks pages on August 13, 1997.

If, by some strange twist of fate, a search engine has brought you to this page, rather than to my main page, perhaps you would enjoy some of the other pages in the "Popular Culture Excavation Site."  Descriptions may be found on my home page or you may go directly to the page of your choice by clicking on one of these seductive little images.

The Katzenjammer KidsWillie the KOOL penguinMistinguettCarl "Duck Man" BarksSvend AsmussenTim "Kingfish" MooreWestern SwingHazel CourtRhythm and Blues RevuesEuropean Jazz and Close Harmony Vocal GroupsThe Pie Girl DinnerSally RandWLAC Radio: Nashville

Who are these guys?  Just place your cursor on each image to get a clue.

In addition to being uncovered by a number of commercial "cool site" prospectors, I am particularly pleased that my efforts have been recognized by fellow sojourners in the fields of popular culture.  Among them:

Why didn't I think of this name first?  Well, at least someone did.  Vot Der Dumboozle? was awarded an unsolicited recognition by The Duke of URL on November 7, 1997.  Check out the other stuff that the Duke has to recommend, especially if you are in the over-50 group.

The Katzenjammer Kids page was reviewed (favorably) by the guys at the Internet Cartoons Forum on November 17, 1997.  Lots of comic art material is available through this valuable site.

Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index! called attention to our 100th birthday celebration for the Katzenjammer Kids, during the last week of December 1997.  Lots of info regarding matters suggested by its title (including current comics industry news) may be found at this site.

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