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 BODYPUMP : The fastest way in the universe to get into shape
Mr. BODYPUMP is committed to the development of stronger bodies and the overall well being of his students. The low complexity, high fun strength and endurance teaching of BODYPUMP is the fastest way in the universe to get into shape. That is why Jim uses it to train groups of forty or more in a single group session. Jim encourages the members to support each other in their quests toward genetic perfection. " This creates a 'feel good' factor along with a positive sitting in which ones should workouts. This results in fast, safe effective increases in strength, endurance, and an increased metabolism.

The great thing about BODYPUMP is that it challenges every major muscle group in the body. The routines are for the most part stationary and require little coordination , ( this is of great value to the normal guy.) BODYPUMP always starts out with a comprehensive warm-up followed by specific tracks that target legs, chest, back, triceps, biceps, shoulders and abdominals. Each session is wrapped up with a well deserved stretch to help the muscle recovery.

Jim believes that BODYPUMP is for just about everybody. The sessions have all age groups, both genders and beginners as well as seasoned pros in each of them. The nature of BODYPUMP makes it easy to tailor sessions to fit every ones needs. They choose the weight and the exercise option and the rest is success .

Mr. BODYPUMP is available for both motivational speaking and group fitness training sessions. Although his home is in Tallahassee, Florida he feels that fitness needs are nation wide. He is the fitness director of the Downtown Gold's Gym in Tallahassee and has done training consulting across the southeast. He has helped fitness clubs improve member services resulting in greater profits, member retention, and buddy referrals.