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 FITNESS : Hands on approach to the perfect fitness program for you
Why would it take a person 18 years to loose weight and get in shape? The answer is only what you as an individual has made it to be. For me, it was lack of motivation and willingness to stick with a program and very little money to hire someone to help me. All of that changed for me in June of 2005. I finally got up the nerve to sit down with Jim Burgin and say I've got to loose weight and these are my goals, now what can we do to make this happen. Taking the first step and having him weigh, measure and take a before picture of me was hard and even harder to look at that picture and think what have I been doing to myself all these years!! I got comfortable with the idea that I was tall and I could "carry my weight". I'm no longer comfortable with that anymore. I lost 32 pounds in 3 months and I went from a size 14 to a size 6. I feel great and I look better than I ever thought I could. I continue to train 5 days a week and I stick with a healthy eating program that keeps me at a size 6.

I never thought I could inspire others to want to loose weight and educate them on what they need to do but I am doing just that and it feels great! I am a trainer now and will start soon to help others as Jim has helped me. I have other goals and one that I'm working on now is to enter a figure competition. Remember, never give up on yourself and NEVER quit what you've started.

I would like to thank my husband and son for their encouragement, love and support and for not letting me eat chocolate chip cookies when I really wanted to!! A HUGE thank you to Jim Burgin for his support, his knowledge and his drive to help me look and feel the way I had always dreamed to be. His favorite line to me was There's someone out there working harder than you, now give me one more rep and make it GOOD!

Everyone needs a support system in their life and I have the best there is!!

Tammy G.