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About Us
About Us
Tallahassee Diamond Center is a family-owned, independent jewelry store with very unique business ideas. The owner, Sean Everett, understands that selling an item of any kind is simple, as long as the price is right. The key to a successful sale is our BUYING method. We have eliminated all but one middle man -- the diamond cutter. The normal route of a diamond begins in the diamond mines owned by DeBeers, and then travels to the diamond cutters in either Antwerp or Israel. The large diamond wholesalers in New York City purchase from the cutters, and then the diamonds are finally sold to the jewelry stores for retail sale. TDC is able to buy directly from the cutter in Israel, which puts us in the same position as the NYC wholesale dealers. We work with small independent jewelry stores throughout the country wholesaling our diamonds, and our retail store sells under New York wholesale prices.

There are several things to understand about buying a diamond. First, it must be certified by EGL, GIA, or AGS. Buying an uncertified diamond is risky. It is very inexpensive to certify a diamond, and it protects the buyer and the seller. The buyer can purchase the diamond with complete confidence that they are getting exactly what they paid for. Second, a buyer should never purchase a diamond sight unseen. There are many factors contributing to the diamond's beauty, and this is not always evident in numbers and classifications. The best way to understand the 4 C's is by actually looking at diamonds.

Tallahassee Diamond Center guarantees that when we are competing against another retailer or wholesaler on a certified EGL or GIA diamond, we will beat their price.

About Sean
Tallahassee Diamond Center began in 1998 in Tallahassee, Florida. Sean Everett, the owner, grew up in Mobile, Alabama, where his father was a watchmaker.

Sean's father would take him to the jewelry stores that he did trade work for, and soon Sean became fascinated by the diamond industry. Sean's father's advice about the jewelry business was, "Don't learn how to work with jewelry with your hands because you're limited. Learn how to buy and sell. If you know how to buy right, selling is easy. If you buy wrong and pay too much, selling will be hard."

At 16, Sean was buying and selling gold and learning the wholesale business. After 11 years of wholesale jewelry experience, Sean set out in 1997 to apply his expertise in a retail market. Now, Tallahassee Diamond Center is a retail jewelry store operating by the most basic selling principles inspired by Sean's father years ago. We buy at the best prices possible so that we can extend those deals to our customer.

Are you in search of that perfect piece of jewelry but can't find it anywhere? Let us make your custom jewelry dream a reality today. Need your jewelry appraised? All our appraisals are done on-site by one of our board certified Gemological Institute of America(GIA) Gemologists. I highly recommend TDC. Sean was professional, very knowledgable, and created us a wonderful custom ring.
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You can feel comfortable knowing your jewelry never leaves our store. All jewelry repairs are completed on-site in our fully equipped shop.
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