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Diamond Education
The 4 C's of Diamonds are Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight.

A Diamond is a mineral made of carbon that is crystallized. In fact, a diamond is more than 99.95% pure carbon. The remaining 0.05 percent of the elements often influences the crystal's color and shape. The diamond is also, by far, the hardest natural substance known to man. Diamonds form between 75 and 120 miles below the earth's surface. The first diamond mines were discovered in India before 500 BC. India has been the world's major supplier of diamonds for over 2,000 years, producing some of the most famous diamonds.

Certification is the key to selecting a quality diamond at the lowest price. Certification is your only assurance of quality. A diamond certification is a detailed diamond quality report issued by an accredited independent gemological laboratory. The most recognized gemological laboratories that provide certification are European Gemological Laboratory, EGL, Gemological Institute of America, GIA, and American Gem Society, AGS.

Are you in search of that perfect piece of jewelry but can't find it anywhere? Let us make your custom jewelry dream a reality today. Need your jewelry appraised? All our appraisals are done on-site by one of our board certified Gemological Institute of America(GIA) Gemologists. I highly recommend TDC. Sean was professional, very knowledgable, and created us a wonderful custom ring.
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You can feel comfortable knowing your jewelry never leaves our store. All jewelry repairs are completed on-site in our fully equipped shop.
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